ESA / Pyronics UV-2 Flame Detector

ESA / Pyronics UV-2 Flame Detector
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ESA / Pyronics UV-2 Flame Detector

ESA / Pyronics UV-2 Flame Detector

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ESA / Pyronics UV-2 Flame Detector

The UV2 is a flame detector for industrial use installed in a robust, die-cast aluminium box, equipped with plug in connection and threaded connection for the peepsight. It contains a gas filled UVtube. UV-rays (not daylight or artificial light from discharge or filament lamps) ionise the gas in the tube. The UV2 may be used either with all the electronic systems ESA produces or with any other system provided the tube is operated within its limits.


  • The housing of the photo-tube should be covered. During flame detection the tube itself produces ultra-violet radiation which could be captured by others photo-tubes.
  • The detector is also sensible to ultra-violet radiation produced by the crown effect.
  • The UV2 is built in accordance with MIL-STD-202F (method 240DO.06" or 10g, 10-500Hz, 15 minutes, 1 cycle) and MIL-STD- 202F (method 213B/100g, 11ms, semiwave, 3 events). A strong mechanical stress (fall) could damage the quartz bulb of the detector, empairing its performances or causing it to be useless. Take care when holding the UV2.
  • Humidity within the housing, as well as dust or dirt within the field of vision of the photo-tube could cause losses of signal.
  • Use only unipolar cables.
A. If the detector is operated with the recommended current for long, its service life is noticeably reduced. Use the detector within the recommanded current values.
B. This is the maximum momentary current that can be handled if its full width at half maximum is less than 10 μs.
C. Measured under room illuminations (approximalety 500 lux) and recommanded operating conditions. Note that these values may increase if the following factors are present: mercury lamps, sterilizing lamps or halogen lamps located nearby; electrical sparks (also from ignition transformer); radiation sources; intense electric fields (including static fields) generated across the probe. It is advisable to ground the housing of the detector (not only for greater safety and because the regulations prescribes it) via the plug in connection.
D. These are rapresentative values for a wavelenght of 200 nm and a light input of 10 pW/cm2. In actual use, the sensibility will vary with the wavelenght of the ultraviolet radiation and the drive circuitry employed.
Spectral Response 185÷260 nm
Peepsight Connection Ø 3/4” gas
Discharge Starting Voltage (with UV radiation) 280V
Recommended Operating Voltage 325 ±25V
Maximum Voltage 400V

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ESA / Pyronics UV-2 Flame Detector

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