Watts 0123439 Electric Motor Valve LFEMVII6400SS-115-8 1/4

Watts 0123439 Electric Motor Valve LFEMVII6400SS-115-8 1/4
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Watts 0123439 Electric Motor Valve LFEMVII6400SS-115-8 1/4

Watts 0123439 Electric Motor Valve LFEMVII6400SS-115-8 1/4

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* This Product is Now Obsolete
No Replacement Available
Watts Series LFEMVII-6400SS in Bronze Electric Motor Valve

The Series LFEMVII-6400-SS Electric Motor Valves are used in commercial HVAC zone control and light industrial applications. They consist of a bronze body construction, vented stainless steel ball, standard position indicator, adjustable packing, blowout-proof stainless steel stem, and bubble-tight shutoff. A manual override comes completely assembled, and is mountable in any position (horizontal position in steam applications). It is ideal for hot water or steam space heating applications, for controlling process liquids or gases (i.e., steam, water, or air), or eliminating water from compressed air lines and systems. Pressure Rating for 1/4 in. ‒ 2 in. is 600psi WOG (non-shock).

This 1/4 inch electric motor valve is ideal for applications such as a zone control valve for space heating with hot water or steam and air conditioning with chilled water. It is remotely operated for controlling the process of liquids and gases (i.e., steam, water, or air) can be used as a drain or a blown down valve to eliminate water from compressed air lines and systems. It features a 2 piece standard port bronze motorized ball valve that consist of an electrically actuated motor 115 VAC with 8 second cycle time, 316 stainless steel ball and bottom loaded blowout proof stem, standard position indicator, adjustable PTFE packing, Durafill (R) PTFE seals and bubble-tight shutoff. The pressure rating is 600 PSI WOG (non-shock) and 100 PSI (7 BAR) WSP. The maximum ambient temperature is 150 F (66 C).


  • Ready to connect Actuator (no special wiring required)
  • 316 stainless steel ball and stem bottom loaded blowout proof stem
  • Durafill® PTFE seats • Adjustable PTFE packing
  • Hole in stem slot of each ball valve to equalize pressure between the body cavity and the flow stream
  • 115 VAC or 24 VAC motor
  • 50% duty cycle 1/4" - 2"
  • Standard auxiliary DPDT switches, 5 amps rating @ 115 VAC
  • External plug-in connectors for simplified wiring and easy serviceability.
  • High visibility position indicator.
  • Manual override standard
  • Motor can be changed without draining system
  • Completely assembled and mountable in vertical or upright horizontal position
  • Integrated anti-condensation heater
  • Electronic Torque Limiter
  • NEMA 4X Enclosure

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